How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat In Lockdown

How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat In Lockdown

How to get rid of lower back fat is the most common question among women as it is irritating and nobody wants love handles.

Surprisingly the women who hold more fat around thighs And hips are more mostly suffer lower back fat. Besides, it’s also a sign of excess intuitive fat in both women and men.

At the same time, lower back fat is a type of fat that gathers around the midsection and increases the risk of many chronic diseases.

How to get rid of lower back fat

What Causes Love Handles?

In this section, we will discuss briefly the lower back fat or love handle so that you get clear knows about what causes of lower back fat for most people.

Usually, Visceral fat that builds up in the lower back, tummy, and hips area causes back fat. Besides, one of the common reasons is lack of physical activity.

At the same time, poor sleep, a diet high in refined carbs and sugars are deeply responsible for lower back fat. 

Following a comprehensive diet with a healthy lifestyle and wearing cloth like the best bra for back fat will help you to get rid of lower back pain and you can kiss love-handles goodbye forever. At the same time following some tips will help you to scorch lower back fat.

Plus it will boost your overall health while prevents disease. 

Increase Resistance Training

Weight training is one of the best exercise strategies to effectively deal with losing lower back fat and love handles. However, many people are discouraged as they don’t feel comfortable with the gym.

Thankfully you can practice bodyweight strength exercises in your living room and it is effectively removed lower back fat.

Spend at least 30-minute on these resistance training workouts per week and you will feel confident. If you are worried about where to begin, you can find some great ideas online.

Most importantly it encourages people to try something outside of the “exercise box” and allows them to practice where they want.

In this case, you wear the best back braces to perform smoothly. For example, you can do 10 bodyweight squats after taking each phone call at work.

Bicycle crunches when you wake up, Lunges while you brush your teeth, and move on, at the end of the day you will feel complete. 

Include High-Intensity Interval Training

Moderate-high intensity cardio constantly can put much stress in the body and it could increase cortisol. Finally, people cause lower back fat. So if you want to go out of it, mix in high-intensity interval training to your cardio diet.

It will effectively burn fat than long-duration cardio. Especially you can add this HIIT to your fitness level and easily transfers to alternating between periods of lower and higher intensity. Research proves that HIIT can usefully burn visceral fat, including low back fat.

Cut the Carbs and Sugar

One of the helpful ways is to get rid of lower back fat is by reducing refined carbs and sugars. So you can remove candies, white bread, sodas, and commercial baked goods to stay away from love handles and lower back fat. That’s proved by the world health organization.

Eating sugar is mostly responsible for increasing visceral fat, and it is hard to remove by work out. 

However, removing sugar from a daily diet plan may a bit difficult and you do not take steps immediately.

Start with a small step like you can prepare a chart for a whole week. Besides, you can cut veggies before snacks. 

Side Planks Are Your Best Friend

You can find something better than a healthy diet.  But certain exercises can help you to target and deal with lower back fat. Side planks are top of them and it offers extra benefits of strengthening shoulders and arm. Besides, it is the right option for balance and coordination.

If you are a beginner start with 10 seconds on each side and slowly increase up to 30+ seconds. Practice on your hand or elbow and finally, you can add in hip dips after becoming experts. 

Focus on Core

With side planks, try to practice core work as it is also helpful to lose lower back fat. Don’t practice it just on your abs, since this key stabilizing muscle group covers around your back.

The main intention is it will not only help you to lose lower back fat and love handle but, it will be a better option for whole-body core movement

Learn to Manage Stress

Learning effective stress management techniques is another way to lose lower back fat. High cortisol levels make the weight loss process almost impossible as it connects with visceral fat and weight gain. So let’s figure out what will work for you whether this therapy, yoga, meditation, walks, and start performing.

Improve Sleep Quality

Improving your beauty rest is also an important factor to lose back fat. Research shows that lack of proper sleep and sleep loss lead people to the back fat.

After a bad night’s sleep some people got more hunger in the next day, do you have this experience? Your head is not the one that responsible along but the hormonal reaction is also responsible. 

However, it’s a tricky problem but spending in top-class blue light blocking glasses and practicing good sleep hygiene can make a big difference.

Final words

Well, do you get the answer to how to get rid of lower back fat? the final suggestion is to make a combined chart and follow it strictly. Don’t just depend on diet or exercise.

A proper diet with regular exercise even wearing a proper dress help you notice the result quickly and boost your confidence. 

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